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15-17 September 2021

Wednesday 15

Tech Ethics I

12:30 Ethics, transparency, fairness and the responsibility of Artificial Intelligence Davide Carneiro and Patrícia Veloso
12:55 The Ten Commandments for Responsible Augmented Reality Lambèr Royakkers, Dhoya Snijders and Rinie van Est
13:20 The Ethics of Disruptive Technologies: Towards a General Framework Jeroen Hopster
13:45 Normative Affordances Through Technology: A Postphenomenological Perspective Niklas Döbler and Clemens Bartnik
14:10 Tourism code of ethics in tourism recomendaton systems Marcia Ivonne Lara Silva, Luz Andrea Rodríguez Rojas and Juan Camilo Castañeda

Tech Ethics II

16:30 GDPR Compliant Data Processing and Privacy Preserving Technologies: A Literature Review on Notable Horizon 2020 Projects Orhan Gazi Yalcin
16:55 Digital Statelessness: The Gap between Technological Advancement and the Full Guarantee of Human Rights Jaine Suzin, Cesar Zeferino and Valderi Leithardt
17:20 Shall Regulators Introduce Special Rules for Robo Advising Services? Aleksandr Alekseenko
17:45 Proposal for the development of Social Responsibility and Professional Ethics in the Computer Engineering curriculum Beatriz Gallo
18:10 Ethical Considerations for the Development of Intelligent Apps in Healthcare Alonso Vidal, Lopez Alfonso and Arranz Olga
18:35 Business Benefits of Instagram Scrapping: Questionable Uses of Data Lucía Martín-Gómez, Rebeca Cordero-Gutiérrez and Javier Pérez-Marcos

Thursday 16

Artificial Intelligence I

10:00 An overview on cloud services for Human tracking Manuel Martins, David Mota, Pedro Martins, Maryam Abbasi and Filipe Caldeira
10:25 A new algorithm to generate image sets for classification and forecasting problems Jesús Ángel Román Gallego, María Luisa Pérez Delgado and Rubén Peral Cunillera
10:50 Deep learning Based Human to Human Interaction Detection using Wireless Fidelity Ravi Hosamani, Shridhar Devamane, Yerriswamy T and Shreya Bagalwadi
11:15 Estimating Time Lost on Semaphores with Deep Learning Francisco García Encinas, Helena Hernández Payo, Juan Francisco De Paz Santana, María N. Moreno García and Javier Bajo Pérez
11:40 One-vs.-One Mitigation of Intersectional Bias: A General Method for Extending Fairness-Aware Binary Classification Kenji Kobayashi and Yuri Nakao

Artificial Intelligence II 

12:30 An Analysis of One-Shot Augmented Learning: a Face Recognition Case Study Diego M. Jiménez-Bravo, Álvaro Lozano Murciego, André Sales Mendes, Luis Augusto Silva and Daniel H. De La Iglesia
12:55 Emotional intelligence in robotics: a scoping review Samuel Marcos and Francisco José García Peñalvo
13:20 Multiagent System for the Prediction of Road Maintenance Actions Pablo Galcerán, Juan F. De Paz, Jacinto González-Pachón and Javier Bajo
13:45 Intelligent agent for roadway data analysis Gonzalo González-Moro, Gabriel Villarrubia, Da- miano Zanardini and Javier Bajo
14:10 Opinion Mining for Curriculum Enrichment using Self-organizing Maps Edgard Naranjo, Vivian Félix López, María N. Moreno, María D. Muñoz and Juanjo San Martín

Disruptive Technologies I

16:30 NoSQL: a real use case Pedro Martins, Filipe Sá, Filipe Caldeira and Maryam Abbasi
16:55 Cisco NFV on Red Hat OpenStack Platform Luis Oliveira, Pedro Martins, Maryam Abbasi and Filipe Caldeira
17:20 Comparative Analysis of Process Mining Algorithms in Process Discover André Gomes, Cristina Wanzeller and Joana Fialho
17:45 Artificial Intelligence for the Construction Industry – a Statistical Descriptive Analysis of Drivers and Barriers Diego Cisterna, Simon Seibel, Svenja Oprach and Shervin Haghsheno
18:10 Smart sock and resistivity measurement in textile materials José Torreblanca González, Raúl García Ovejero, Lidia Rozas Izquierdo, Luis Augusto Silva and Valderi Reis Quietinho Leithardt

Friday 17

Disruptive Technologies II

10:00 Group Recommender Systems in the music domain: A Systematic Literature Review Adrián Valera Román, Álvaro Lozano Murciego and María N. Moreno-García
10:25 LoRaWAN applied to Agriculture: A use case for automated irrigation systems Esteban Sánchez Hernández, Alberto González García, Lidia Rozas Izquierdo, José Torreblanca González, Luis Augusto Silva, Raúl García Ovejero and Valderi Reis Quietinho Leithardt
10:50 SCIFI-II: An event mesh solution based on CloudEvents for IoT systems Roberto Berjón, Montserrat Mateos, M. Encarnación Beato and Ana M. Fermoso
11:15 Determination of support systems to improve the accuracy of GNSS surveys in urban areas of the city of Bogota – Colombia Jhon Jairo Castro Afanador, Alfonso José López Rivero and Jesús Ángel Román Gallego
11:40 Alternative proposal to the multi-purpose cadastre under the social tenure domain model Alejandra Tellez Cely, Alfonso López Rivero and Luis Rodriguez Bernal

Doctoral Consortium

12:30 Mobile 4G Network: Signal Power and Quality vs Bandwidth Throughput Luis Oliveira, João Henriques, Ivan Pires, Cristina Wanzeller and Filipe Caldeira
12:55 A platform for e-learning of traditionalthree-hole wind instruments Juan Antonio Muñoz Gómez, André Sales Mendes, Luis Augusto Silva and Gabriel Villarrubia González
13:20 Virtual Reality and its influence in people emotions Javier López Sánchez, André Sales Mendes, Héctor Sánchez San Blas and Gabriel Villarrubia González
13:45 Automatic system for the management of parking in cities Carlos Manjón García, Héctor Sánchez San Blas, Diego M. Jiménez-Bravo, Luis Augusto Silva and André Sales Mendes
14:10 CardioSafe: A platform for remote rehabilitation for patients with cardiological problems Fátima Pérez-Robledo, André Sales Mendes, Luís Augusto Silva, Beatriz María Bermejo-Gil, Rocío Llamas Ramos and Inés Llamas Ramos
14:35 Blockchain technology for rural property registration Adriana Fernanda Tarazona Bermudez, Alfonso José López Rivero and Jesus Angel Roman Gallego