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DITTET 2022 Programme

Artificial Intelligence

Link Deep Learning Based Approaches for Vehicle Make and Model Recognition Trupthi Rao and Shridhar Devamane
Link Comparing machine learning vs. humans for dietary assessment Maryam Abbasi, Cristina Wanzeller, Filipe Cardoso and Pedro Martins
Link Drawing Music: Using neural networks to compose descriptive music from illustrations Lucía Martín-Gómez, Javier Pérez-Marcos, Alfonso José López Rivero and Giovanny Mauricio Tarazona Bermúdez
Link A method to identify graphs containing a specific subgraph Tomoya Hikita and Masaomi Kimura
Link An Advertising Real-Time Intelligent and Scalable Framework for Profiling Customers’ Emotions Leandro Alves, Pedro Oliveira, João Henriques, Marco Bernardo, Filipe Caldeira and Cristina Wanzeller
Link Exploring feature extraction to vulnerability prediction problem Guilherme Dal Bianco, Vitor Apolinário, Denio Duarte and Valderi Leithardt
Link An Intelligent and Scalable IoT Monitoring Framework for Safety in Civil Construction Workspaces Carolina Ferreira, Luciano Correia, Manuel Lopes, João Henriques, Pedro Martins, Cristina Wanzeller and Filipe Caldeira
Link A Spanish Political Tweets Fine-tuned Sentiment Analysis Model Diego M. Jiménez-Bravo, Álvaro Lozano Murciego, Javier Bajo, Daniel H. De La Iglesia and Cristian Pinzón
Link European Union fosters ethical AI in the Public Administration António da Costa Alexandre and Luís Moniz Pereira
Link Auto-tagger of contextual activity tags for music tracks Álvaro Lozano Murciego, Diego M. Jiménez-Bravo, André Sales Mendes, Vivian F. López Batista and Maria N. Moreno-García
Link Object detection through computer vision Denis Pato Martínez, Vivian Felix López Batista, Juan Francisco De Paz Santana, María N. Moreno García and Francisco García
Link Bias Analysis on Twitter Jaime Alba, Miguel Cabezas, Vivian Félix López and Ángeles M. Moreno
Link Towards the Detection of hateful sentiment in Social Networks Sandra García, Ana Belén Gil González and Vivian F. López
Link MusicFactory: Application of a Convolutional Neural Network for the Generation of Soundscapes from Images Juan José Navarro-Cáceres, André Sales Mendes, Héctor Sánchez San Blas, Gabriel Villarrubia González and Maria Navarro-Cáceres

Disruptive Technologies

Link A Cost-Effective Framework for Monitoring IT Disaster Recovery Infrastructures Júlio Rocha, Marco Lucas, Ricardo Figueiredo, João Henriques, Marco V. Bernardo, Cristina Wanzeller and Filipe Caldeira
Link Validating an evaluation tool to assess older people’s acceptance towards a humanoid robot companion: a University of the Third Age pilot study Samuel Marcos, Lucía Martín-Gómez, Rebeca Cordero-Gutiérrez, Rubén Martín-García and Daniel Hernández de la Iglesia
Link Semantic web and others as disruptive technologies at the service of university transparency. A use case Ana MarÍa Fermoso GarcÍa, MarÍa Isabel Manzano Garcia, Roberto BerjÓn Gallinas, Montserrat Mateos SÁnchez and Maria EncarnaciÓn Beato GutiÉrrez
Link CoCoBot, a low cost humanoid robot companion for elderly people Rubén Martín García, Samuel Marcos Pablos, Lucía Martín Gómez, Rebeca Cordero Gutiérrez and Daniel Hernández de la Iglesia
Link Influence of air temperature and relative humidity on the electrical behaviour of Smart Textiles Raul Garcia Ovejero, José Torreblanca González, Lidia Rozas Izquierdo, Justo A. González Valencia, Esteban Sánchez Hernández and Valderi Reis Quietinho Leithardt
Link Population-based methods to reduce the colors of an image María-Luisa Pérez-Delgado and Jesús-Angel Román-Gallego

Doctoral Consortium

Link Multi-Agent System Design-Based Smart Device for Aquatic-Accidents Alerting and Avoidance Fernando Lobato Alejano, Daniel Hernández de la Iglesia, Alfonso J. López Rivero, Sergio López García, Mariano Raboso Mateos, Luís A. Silva and Valderi R. Q. Leithardt
Link A Scalable Smart Lighting Framework to Save Energy João Rebelo, Ricardo Rodrigues, João Henriques, Filipe Cardoso, Cristina Wanzeller and Filipe Caldeira
Link A Scalable Framework to Predict Bitcoin Price Using Support Vector Machine Stéphane Monteiro, Diogo Oliveira, João António, João Henriques, Pedro Martins, Cristina Wanzeller and Filipe Caldeira
Link CDonVR: E-learning of a Cash Dispenser on Virtual Reality Antonio Javier Villoria Martín, Antía Carmona-Balea, Héctor Sánchez San Blas, Luis Augusto Silva, André Sales Mendes and Gabriel Villarrubia
Link Competencies: An Exploratory Analysis of Performance Evaluations Results João Salomão Corrêa Farias, André Fabiano de Moraes, Valderi Reis Leithardt, Héctor Sánchez San Blas and Luis Augusto Silva
Link Application of Educational Support Through Disruptive Technology in Deaf Student Learning Lucas Borges, André Fabiano De Moraes, Rafael de Moura Speroni, Isabel Pilar Alonso Correa and Luis Augusto Silva
Link Safely: Mobile alert application for risk situations Sheila Manzano-Gómez, Iván Lucas-Julián, Héctor Sánchez San Blas, André Sales Mendes, Juan F. de Paz Santana and Gabriel Villarrubia González
Link 4D-Trainer: A platform for balance trainning Fátima Perez-Robledo, André Sales Mendes, Beatriz María Bermejo-Gil, Héctor Sánchez San Blas, Álvaro Lozano Murciego and Juan F. de Paz Santana
Link Barbot: Design and develop a high-precision robotic platform for improving catering industry processes David Cruz-García, Sergio García-González, Sergio Fernández-Marcos, Antía Carmona-Balea, Luis Augusto Silva and Gabriel Villarrubia González
Link Development of a robotic platform with order management for the catering sector Sergio García-González, David Cruz-García, Sergio Fernández-Marcos, Isabel Pilar Alonso Correa, Luis Augusto Silva and Gabriel Villarrubia

Tech Ethics

Link Papal Teaching on the Ethical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence Stuart Patrick Chalmers
Link A tool to help learning programming María-Luisa Pérez-Delgado and Jesús-Ángel Román-Gallego
Link The Role of the Right to Explanation and Its Safeguards in the Realization of Trustworthy AI Orhan Gazi Yalcin